Our manual laser welding systems combine the excellent quality of laser welded joints with easy handling and fast operational readiness. Spot and seam welds with a preciseness within the micron range within minutes can be created within minutes - also in complicated areas. The rule of thumb is: you can weld what you can see. Experienced users can create very fine workpieces with the manual welder at an unmatched accuracy and precision and cannot be achieved with any other method.

Compact Tabletop Laser System for Manual Welding

Desktop is the all-purpose and value-for-money compact tabletop laser system for manual welding. It was designed for the specific demand in laboratories, workshops and institutes and is hence the ideal system for the entry into laser technology. The Desktop is ergonomically optimized and can be placed on any desk. The air-cooled system requires only a one-phase power supply.

The workpiece can be positioned via stereo microscope and cross-hair. The high performance and long lifetime open up applications in customized and prototype production, for repair works and just as well for small batch production.

Features & Benefits

  • Easily integrable into production lines
  • Integrated air-cooling
  • Low maintenance and service costs
  • Spacious working chamber
  • Easy operation due to graphical user interface


  • Rotation axis with up to 40 rev/min and positioning accuracy 0,05°
  • Marking field 180 x 180 mm
  • Camera viewing systems for process optimization
  • Exhaust unit including remote start and control
  • Automatic door