Laser Components and Accessories

High-Power Multi-Mode VCSEL Chips

Use our 940 nm laser diodes in high-volume mobile applications (e.g., proximity sensing, auto-focus) where laser power and economy are the most important considerations.

These laser chips operate in multiple transverse modes enabling a very high power-to-size ratio as well as excellent reliability. They generate a circular beam with a doughnut far-field intensity pattern. Their typical output power (at 25°C) is 20 mW.

High Power MM VCSEL Chips

Use these lasers in high-volume Time of Flight proximity sensing applications, for mobile phone auto-focus, as illumination sources, or in encoders.

Key Features

  • High efficiency and reliability

  • Multi-transverse mode output

  • Doughnut shaped far-field

  • Non-hermetic operation

  • Available in high volume