Laser Components and Accessories

905 TO-Packaged LiDAR Laser Diodes

Use our pulsed 905 nm laser diodes as compact, economical, and reliable sources for LiDAR in automotive, industrial, and consumer applications.

Housed in a TO-56 metal package, these lasers deliver short pulses with typically 1 ns rise and fall switching times. A triple-junction quantum well structure ensures they provide the high peak power and superior reliability needed in next-generation LiDAR tasks.

TO-Packaged LiDAR Laser Diodes

Choose these lasers for automotive LiDAR applications, as well as range finding in industrial and consumer applications, or for surveillance and safety tasks.

Key Features

  • Up to 100 W peak power (1E emission configuration)

  • Short pulse operation up to 100 ns, 0.1% duty cycle

  • 905 nm wavelength emission

  • Highly reliable triple-junction epitaxial structure

  • RoHS compliant