Laser Components and Accessories

High-Power 940 nm Multi-Mode VCSEL Arrays

Get up to 5.5 W of output power in a rotationally symmetric beam with a doughnut-shaped far-field profile and high-frequency modulation capabilities with a short (1 ns) risetime.

These laser diode arrays are electrically efficient and optimized for cost-effective high-volume production. The two wire bonding areas and compact layout make this chip well-suited for high modulation frequencies required in direct Time of Flight (dTOF) systems.

High Power 940 nm Multi-Mode VCSEL Arrays

Use these laser arrays for 3D Time of Flight sensing applications, 2D illumination, industrial flood illumination, or for in-cabin automotive Illumination.

Key Features

  • High efficiency and reliability

  • Multi-transverse mode emission

  • Doughnut-shaped, symmetrical far-field

  • Non-hermetic operation

  • Surface mountable

  • Flood illumination