Laser Components and Accessories

940 nm Multi-Mode VCSEL Arrays

Use our 940 nm laser arrays in a broad range of optical 3D sensing applications needing fast (1 ns) risetimes, including automotives, thanks to their AECC-102 qualification.

These laser diode arrays feature a double junction architecture, resulting in high power at a low current (4.6 W at 2.7 A). The low operating current enables rise time, reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI), and simplifies driver design for short pulse generation.

940 nm MM VCSEL Arrays

Use these laser arrays for short range LiDAR, 3D camera (mobile, IoT, robotic) applications, for in-cabin tasks in automotive, or for other infrared illumination purposes.

Key Features

  • High power conversion efficiency

  • High slope efficiency

  • High peak power

  • Multi-transverse mode emission

  • Low current operation

  • Non-hermetic operation