General Optics


Convert linear into circular polarization with quarter-wave plates or rotate the polarization plane of a linearly polarized laser with half-wave plates.

These CdS waveplates offer precise retardation accuracy, excellent transmission, and high-power handling capability. They transmit visible light which simplifies system alignment. Both mounted and unmounted configurations are available.

Waveplate Capabilities

Coherent manufactures both multiple-order and zero-order waveplates. Zero-order waveplates are less sensitive to temperature and operating wavelength variations.



10 mm to 25 mm

Retardation Accuracy 

±2° at 10.6 µm

Bandwidth (for 6° error) 

Multiple order: ±0.1 µm at 10.6 µm 
Single order: ±0.55 µm at 10.6 µm

Retardation Range 

0° to 360 °


>98.5% at 10.6 µm