General Optics

Aluminum Variable-Radius Mirrors

Enable faster process head motion in high-power infrared laser cutting and welding systems with these lightweight, aluminum, variable-radius mirrors (VRMs).

These aluminum VRMs weigh just 18% as much as comparable copper optics thus allowing a motion system to achieve much higher acceleration for speedier processing, Plus, they reduce bearing wear ad extend motion system lifetime.  

Fabrication Capabilities

Specify the mirror you require for use with lasers operating at 1 μm at up to 20 kW of power.

VRM Capabilities Overview 

Pressure Range 

0 – 11 bar 

Radius of Curvature 

- 3 m to 3 m 

Angle of Incidence 

0° – 45° 

Clear Aperture 

20 – 40 mm 

Surface Roughness 

< 30 Å (lower roughness, polished surface available) 


< 3 fringes  


Up to 500 million cycles