Ready for Red: Introducing OBIS 640 XT

The Coherent OBIS 640 XT offers a powerful smart laser platform for Life Sciences applications.


January 19, 2024 by Coherent


The Coherent OBIS XT family of smart laser platforms delivers UV wavelengths of 360 nm, 349 nm, 320 nm, and now into the red spectrum at 640 nm. The Coherent OBIS 640 XT is a much-needed innovation in the expanding life science market, specifically addressing the growing demand for a 640 nm laser capable of exciting fluorescent dyes in super-resolution microscopy (SRM) and many other applications.    

The leap in optical resolution, achieved through its higher output power compared to other OBIS LS/LX models, enables the observation of single molecules and intricate cellular features. This advancement is crucial for SRM – as it overcomes the limits of standard optical resolution in microscopes – paving the way for breakthroughs in understanding cellular mechanisms  

The brand-new Coherent OBIS 640 XT, the latest addition to the Coherent OBIS XT family, combines the compactness and power of Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) technology with the renowned qualities of the Coherent Sapphire and Coherent OBIS LS/LX smart laser platforms. With its integrated controller, the OBIS 640 XT stands out for its low-noise output and impeccable beam quality – ensuring reliability for life science applications. 

Our highly regarded OBIS LX products at 637 nm, 647 nm, and 640 nm are based on available laser diodes and output power levels. The OBIS 640 XT offers up to 1000 mW in a compact package with minimal heat dissipation, making this expansion an innovative catalyzer for applications such as super-resolution microscopy, DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, particle measurements, and high-throughput screening. In making our laser portfolio more robust with our new offering at 640 nm with power above 200 mW, we guarantee compatibility with Sapphire and OBIS LS, OBIS LX, and OBIS XT products. As a strategic extension to blue and green wavelengths, the OBIS 640 XT is designed for seamless integration with existing laser solutions.  

Uniquely combining compactness, power, low noise, and high-quality output by design, the 640’s technical strengths translate into operational gains for our researchers.  

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