Single Side IWDM

Use our devices immediately before an EDFA to safely and efficiently combine the signal and pump into a single fiber with no undesirable back-reflections or crosstalk.

Our isolators are available for either C- or L-Band signals with a pump channel bandwidth spanning 970 - 995 nm. They feature all glass assembly technology and optical path epoxy-free design, delivering insertion losses of only 1 dB (signal) and 0.6 dB (pump).

Single Side IWDM

Take advantage of the lower cost and package size (Ф 2.3xL13 mm) resulting from all three fibers ported from a single end of this IWDM.

Key Features

  • All 3 fibers ported on one side

  • Epoxy-free in optical path

  • RoHS compliant 

  • Operating temp -5 to +75°C

  • Fiber type (all ports) 80/165 µm, OFS81161