Pigtail Isolator

Simplify your application with isolators that are completely packaged and (sC/aPC) fiber-connected, ready for use with any laser requiring protection from back-reflections.

These isolators are very effective, delivering >30 dB of isolation at the center wavelength which can be specified anywhere in the 1270 – 1610 nm window. Their bandwidth is ±20 nm and total insertion loss is <0.6 dB, including both the isolator and fiber connectors.

Pigtail Isolators

Eliminate your reliability risks with these fully packaged and connectorized isolators, thanks to our proprietary bonding process plus 20 years of volume manufacturing.

Key Features

  • High Isolation

  • Low Insertion Loss

  • High Reliability

  • Optimized for different wavelengths

  • Wide operating temperature range