Optical Circulators

Use our unidirectional multi-port couplers to safely separate and manipulate forward (i.e., transmit) and reverse (i.e., receive) signals without crosstalk and with low insertion loss.

Our Optical Circulators provide unidirectional sequential coupling between a series of ported fibers; an input to port 1 exits port 2, whereas an input to port 2 exits port 3, with a choice of 3 or 4 ports. Signal input into the last (i.e., 3 or 4) port closes the loop by exiting port 1.

Optical Circulators

Use these as standalone components or take advantage of their small (Φ1 = 5.5 mm) format and incorporate them into high-performance transceivers.

Key Features

  • Low 5.5 mm diameter profile

  • Low insertion loss

  • Available in 3- or 4-port configurations