Laser Machines and Systems

AutoTube Marker

A fully automated laser marking system supporting unattended operation, for precision marking of high-value tubular parts, such as those used in medical devices. 

This system incorporates robotic part loading/unloading, machine vision/validation, with a choice of laser sources (fiber laser, solid state, or ultrashort pulse), and 100% inspection, including part length, diameter, and mark contrast and content. 

Automatic Tube Marking System – Key Features

Simplify your tube marking with an automated system that is CDRH Class I and CE certified, and is Industry 4.0 compatible.


Product Specifications

Product Name

Choice of Lasers

Supports Laser Black Marking

Input/Output Bin Capacities

 Dimensions, L x W x H (mm)

Laser Wavelength (nm) 

Automatic Tube Marking System 

Rapid NX or PowerLine E


1100 parts 

1549 x 1204 x 2200