Laser Machines and Systems

Machine Vision

Utilize a variety of machine vision tools to speed production, reduce errors, and provide traceability data.

Vision can improve productivity by automatically locating parts and adjusting processing accordingly, by reading part numbers, barcodes or datamatrix data and reacting as needed, by performing part inspection and process validation, and more.

Key Capabilities

Utilize Vision Systems

Vision and pattern recognition packages for laser marking have various camera and illumination options and are easily controlled through routines built into Laser FrameWork.

Easy Workpiece Alignment

Define your vision task for manual or automatic workpiece alignment with just a few mouse clicks in the recipe timeline.

Traceability Made Easy

Incorporate post-processing vision tasks for documentation, traceability, and QC/QA purposes.

Video Spotlight

Embedded machine vision systems for reduced production costs

Learn how PartVision speeds up workpiece processing, reduces scrap rates, and eliminates costs for tooling. PartVision is integrated into the Laser FrameWork software environment of our laser systems. Adding a vision task to a process recipe, and setting parameters like search position or lighting is easier than ever. PartVision also allows you to check and document part quality after the process.

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Lowering Marking Costs for Medical Device Manufacturers

The combination of tray handling and integrated vision enables long unattended marking runs, minimizing labor costs.