Chameleon Discovery NX

Addressing the most demanding requirements in two-photon imaging and spectroscopy by delivering industry leading power levels and tunablity.

Deepest excitation of all fluorescent probes & label-free modalities. Phase-locked second beam and octave spanning (660 to 1320 nm) tuning range benefit Raman techniques and ultra-fast spectroscopy applications. Built-in Fast Power Control (TPC) available.

Chameleon Discovery NX – Key Parameters

Choose from several wavelength extension options. Operating at 80 MHz, all Discovery models feature pristine beam quality.

Product Specifications


Chameleon Discovery NX

Chameleon Discovery NX with Total Power Control (TPC)


660 - 1320 

Pulse Width (fs)

100 fs (at 900 nm) 

Output Power tunable beam

>3600 mW at 800 nm 

>2700 mW at 800 nm 

Output Power fixed beam

>3500 mW at 1040 nm 

>2800 mW at 1040 nm 

GDD Precompensation

Built in 

Fast Power control


Built in, on both beams 

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