Mira Family of Ultrafast Ti:Sapphire Oscillators

The Mira family of modelocked, Femtosecond and Picosecond Ti:Sapphire laser systems bring simplicity and flexibility together in an innovative design to produce a powerful and versatile system.

  • Mira-HP - Commercial ultrafast Ti:Sapphire laser at >3.5W.
  • Mira 900 - Includes Mira Femto, Mira Pico, and Mira Dual (femto + pico) Ti:Sapphire lasers.

The Mira family of modelocked Ti:Sapphire laser systems

KLM – Simple, Reliable Modelocking

Modelocking is accomplished based on the widely used and reliable KLM (Kerr Lens Modelocking) technique. This extremely simple, all-solid-state approach is analogous to modelocking by a fast saturable absorber.

Group Velocity Dispersion (GVD) in the Mira Optima 900-F (the femtosecond cavity version of the Mira) is compensated by a simple 2-prism sequence in the cavity. Easy adjustment of these prisms balances self-phase modulation in the Ti:S rod with the GVD compensation, resulting in shortened and stabilized ‘soliton-like’ pulses. In the Mira Optima 900-P (picosecond version) a Gires-Tournois Interferometer (GTI) conveniently supplies the compensation.

Easy to Use Performance
The combination of Coherent’s successful Verdi DPSS 532 nm laser as the pump source (5W, 8W, 10W or 18W pump power) and the Mira oscillator with the Optima system results in a laser that stands alone as the market leader in terms of ease-of-use, performance and reliability. In particular, Verdi pumping ensures the highest power stability and lowest noise ultrafast performance commercially available. Mira may also be pumped by Coherent’s argon ion laser systems.

X-Wave Optics
Operation is greatly simplified by the use of Coherent’s X-Wave optics. No optics changes are required as this single optics set provides high-performance wavelength coverage from 700 -1000 nm. This feature is standard on all models.

Optima System
Ease of use and reliability are enhanced by the Optima system used on the Mira Optima 900 lasers. This is a series of on-board detectors whose signals are diagnosed by the laser control unit, facilitating daily operation, performance optimization and alignment procedures.

Power/fluorescence levels, cw content of the beam, pulse train and resonator humidity levels, are all displayed by the Optima system. Furthermore, automatic starting and picosecond wavelength tuning are made possible. Only Coherent offers the benefits of the Optima system on ultrafast lasers.

Models are available in femtosecond, picosecond or dual (femto/pico) configurations. All Mira 900 models have significant configuration commonality, along with the same fundamental platform and pump lasers, ensuring the simplest upgrades and conversions.