Coherent Prometheus ultra-narrow linewidth frequency-tunable CW laser
Coherent Prometheus ultra-narrow linewidth frequency-tunable CW laser


Family of ultra-narrow linewidth (~1 kHz) frequency-tunable CW lasers with both 532 nm and 1064 nm wavelengths in a single package.

Ultra-Narrow Linewidth CW DPSS Green Laser

Prometheus laser, as the whole Mephisto family, is based on a Non-Planar Ring Oscillator (NPRO) configuration. The output from Nd:YAG NPRO is frequency doubled in an efficient periodically poled crystal. Output power up to 100 mW is available at green wavelength. In addition, the depleted 1064 nm beam is also available, with output power up to 1.5 W.

Linewidth, frequency tuning, frequency stability and noise of both green and IR beams are determined by the unique properties of NPRO and low noise electronics. The Noise Eater circuitry eliminates residual pump diode and relaxation oscillation noise at frequencies below 1 MHz.

Please inquire about iodine frequency stabilization options.

532 nm, 1064 nm
Power at 532 nm
20mW, 50mW, 100mW
Linewidth (over 100 ms)
~1 kHz
Tuning range
60 GHz
Noise (RIN at f>10 kHz)
<-135 dB/Hz



Absolute Frequency Calibration
Optical heterodyning and coherent communication
Optical Metrology
Quantum Optics Studies

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