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EasyJewel for Laser Engraving

The fifth-generation EasyJewel delivers marking and engraving with unmatched quality and consistency. The integrated vision system allows the operator to see precisely where the mark will be placed before processing, thus ensuring successful results. On-The-Fly-Marking allows for seamless engravings all around rings and large engravings with homogeneous surfaces.

The Compact Laser Engraving, Marking and Cutting System

The EasyJewel can process common materials used in the jewelry industry including precious metals, alloys, polymers, and ceramics. The rugged construction and ease of operation are beneficial for any jeweler: clamping the rings for internal or external marking with the laser is unrivaled. Additionally, the laser cuts metal sheets of up to 1.2 mm thickness with high accuracy and perfect edge quality. The laser efficiently replaces a task which used to be carried out manually until now.

Features & Benefits

  • RMM - Ring Marking Module
  • Camera Assistance for Process Optimization
  • Easy Set-up and Easy to Use
  • Marking Assistant - Integrated database to assist marking application set-up
  • OTF - Perfect Deep Engraving on Rings
  • Large Workspace - Approx. 300 L x 200 W x 120 H (mm)

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