The Coherent Matrix DPSS Q-Switched laser
The Coherent Matrix DPSS Q-Switched laser


MATRIX is a family of diode-pumped, solid-state, Q-switched lasers available in three wavelengths and powers as high as 14W.

MATRIX products are designed for maintenance-free 24/7 operation in even harsh environment. MATRIX delivers superior performance and one of the longest field lifetimes available on the market.

Solid-State, Q-Switched Laser

The MATRIX product platform is optimized for cost-sensitive applications requiring high throughput which do not allow compromises on process quality and stability. The lasers are manufactured utilizing Coherent’s PermAlign technology, a special PCBA assembly process for optical components. This guarantees best optical alignment and stability over the whole lifetime of the product.

Matrix DPSS Q-Switched Laser



• Materials Processing
• Cutting
• Dicing/Scribing
• Drilling
• Engraving
• Marking
• Repair
• Stereolithography
• Thin Film Patterning
• Trimming
• Ceramic
• Glass
• Metal
• Polymer
• Sapphire
• Solar Cell/Panel
• Flexible PCB
• Photopolymer
• Mould
• Hard Disk
• Indent card
• Medical Device
• Plastic
• Memory
• Photopolymer
• ITO layers
• Quartz
• Resistor

Features & Benefits

355 nm 532 nm 1064 nm
1 Watt M1; MATRIX 355-YAG MATRIX1064-LP
2 Watt MATRIX 355-1-60; MATRIX 355-1, 5-150
8 Watt MATRIX 355-5-50; MATRIX 355-8-50 MATRIX 532-7-30; MATRIX 532-8-100 MATRIX 1064-7-10
14 Watt MATRIX 532-14-40 MATRIX 1064-10-30

Key benefits for your application:

  • High process quality due to excellent beam quality, power stability, low noise and MATRIX specific pulse control concept
  • Excellent beam parameters: - Fine and micro processing capabilities/micrometer precision - Reduced danger of work piece damage (dicing saws, scribers, drills) - No tool ware necessary - Cost savings - Easier handling - Increase in flexibility - Environmental friendly - Just-in-Time manufacturing
  • No mechanical contact between product and tool: - Minimal stress and distortion
  • No masks, no chemicals required: - Disposal reduction
  • Processing of hard, thin, and deformable materials (e.g. ceramics and sapphire substrates, flexible circuit boards, etc.)
  • Process and material flexibility
  • Excellent reproducibility and quality
  • Complete computer control of the machining process and the system enable: - CIM capability
  • Hands- and maintenance-free operation over thousands of hours


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