888nm Fiber-Coupled, Single-Emitter Pump Diode Modules

December 2, 2020 by Coherent

Utilizing the new long-wavelength (888 nm) FACTOR series of fiber-coupled (FC) pump diode modules from Coherent will enable diode-pumped, solid-state laser builders to achieve higher power, without sacrificing beam quality. These advantages are even more pronounced when pumping solid-state lasers intended for frequency conversion using non-linear crystals. 

The single-emitter format used in the FACTOR series is based on low-current operation and allows the use of simplified power supplies and fast modulation. Pumping Neodymium (Nd) in the 880 nm range improves laser efficiency and reduces waste heat due to the lower quantum defect compared to traditional 808 nm pumping. This enables the use of longer (>2X) crystals and hence allows higher power scaling without sacrificing mode quality thanks to significantly reduced thermal lensing. The 888 nm wavelength, in particular, offers polarization-independent absorption and reduced wavelength sensitivity, simplifying laser design, and eliminating the need for pump wavelength stabilization. Coherent holds the exclusive patent on the use of 888 nm pump diodes and makes a license available for those who integrate the latest FACTOR 88X nm FC diode modules. 

The FACTOR series of fiber-coupled single-emitter modules is available in a variety of wavelengths, such as 878.6 nm, 885 nm and 888 nm, all VBG stabilized, and entirely offering more efficient end pumping than the legacy 808 nm pump wavelength. These pump modules are available with output powers from 65 W to 150 W and with a choice of non-detachable 200 µm or 400 µm SMA fibers.

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