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1550 nm Rotators and Isolators

Rotate your laser’s linear polarization and/or shield your laser from back-reflected light from interfaces on downstream optics or back-scattered ASE from optical amplifiers. 

These 1550 nm Rotators and Isolators are optimized for use anywhere across the 1525 nm to 1575 nm near-IR wavelength window with no tuning required. They are ideal for laser applications in LIDAR, medicine and life sciences, and remote sensing.

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1550 nm Rotators and Isolators - Key Parameters

Add an optional waveplate for total flexibility in the input polarization. Isolators contain escape ports with rejected beams deflected at 90°.


Product Specifications

Model Name

Clear Aperture Options (mm)

Isolation (dB)

Transmission (%)

Power Handling (W)

Pulsed Damage Threshold

1550 nm 





1 J/cm² at 10 ns

1550 nm Isolatorsᵃ





1 J/cm² at 10 ns

ᵃ Escape ports should be used if rejected light is >1 W or 0.15 J/cm²  at 10 ns. All stray beams should be properly terminated.