Laser Components and Accessories


Get optimum results in the most advanced laser welding tasks in e-mobility, auto manufacturing, and more with this versatile, smart, processing head system.

HIGHmodular mates highly reliable, field-proven optomechanics and numerous options, including a 1D scanner and our MZ-zoom collimator, with a programmable controller. This takes software-controlled welding to a new level of flexibility and productivity.


A complete, ready to use tool, including robot support, crash sensor, crossjet, software, electric and pneumatic supply, camera, fiber cable, cover slides, and more.

Optics Input Connectors Vision & Monitoring Accessories
  • Fixed collimator from 80 - 200 mm focal length
  • MZ-zoom collimators with automatic focus and focal length range 50-120
  • Fixed focusing optics from 200 - 460 mm focal length
  • 1D scanner
  • LLK-Auto (QD)
  • QBH



  • Interfaces for camera, illumination, pyrometer, and various sensing systems



  • Replaceable cover slides
  • Shield gas delivery systems, wire feeder