Laser Components and Accessories

BIMO Laser Processing Heads

Get consistently superior welds with this ultra-reliable and highly modular processing head, compatible with any high-power, fiber-coupled laser up to 20 kW.

Basic industrial modular optics (BIMO) are a versatile processing head system which can be configured in numerous ways to reliably perform welding and other operations with high uptime in the most hostile and demanding industrial environments.

Key Product Features

Build the exact welding head you need from this modular system offering numerous options for collimating and focusing optics, vision, shield gas delivery, and more.

Optics Input Connectors Monitoring Accessories
  • Fixed collimator from 80 - 200 mm focal length* 
  • Zoom collimators with automatic focus 
  • Focusing optics from 200 - 460 mm focal length*

  • LLK-Auto (QD) 
  • QBH
  • HY-16 (HLC16)



  • Interfaces for camera, illumination, and pyrometer and 3rd party monitoring




  • Replaceable cover slides 
  • Shield gas delivery systems
  • Focus forming
  • Clamping tools
  • Wire feeding systems 

*others on request