Improved Axon 780 for Label-Free Imaging Benefits

March 18, 2021 by Coherent

Higher Power for Faster Preclinical Microscopy, Nanofabrication, and More

Label-free two-photon microscopy, 2P nanofabrication, and inspection of wafers and thin films, all get a major boost in speed and performance from the new Axon 780 compact, femtosecond ultrafast laser. The key features of this value-priced laser are:

  • 800 mW of power – twice as much as other lasers, offering the brightest images, faster process speeds, and more efficient non-linear processes.
  • Fully integrated group dispersion delay pre-compensation to ensure minimized and consistent pulse duration at the sample.
  • Total Power Control (TPC) option for reduced system cost and complexity.
  • Common fit and form to Axon 920 and 1064 lasers for plug and play integration.

For two-photon microscopy techniques, Axon 780 offers a combination of wavelength and power that enables label-free imaging techniques. These include second harmonic generation (SHG) for imaging collagen fibers, as well as exciting endogenous fluorescence in NADH and flavins in both living and fixed tissue samples. This makes the compact, cost-effective, and OEM-friendly Axon a promising pathway for future clinical instruments.  Plus the TPC option simplifies these microscopy systems by allowing direct flyback blanking.

TPC offers high-speed power modulation on both outputs. Pristine beam quality, power contrast, and stability can now be delivered directly into the microscope scan head so users may spend more time on acquiring quality images and less time on system setup and maintenance.

In two-photon polymerization, the higher power of the Axon 780 means faster processing, while TPC affords exquisite process control and flexibility.  Plus, TPC eliminates the expense and optical losses associated with an external modulator.

The short (<150 fs) pulse width and high power of the Axon 780 also enables efficient generation of THz pulses for use in time domain spectroscopy, as well as time-resolved techniques like wafer/film analysis.

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