The Excimer Laser at 50 - Older, But Better

The excimer laser started as a research tool for scientists, but has matured into a reliable, cost-effective source powering many commercial applications 


September 1, 2021 by Coherent

The first commercial excimer laser was developed 50 years ago at Lambda Physik (now Coherent Göttingen) by a pair of chemists who needed a light source for photochemistry and dye laser pumping. Today, excimer lasers are reliable sources utilized in myriad applications, including vision correction, scientific research, and many industrial processes. A large percentage of the cellphone displays made today are processed with Coherent excimer lasers. 

We’re proud to celebrate the golden anniversary of Coherent Göttingen where our excimer lasers are produced. Join us in reviewing just a few of the key milestones we’ve achieved as we grew from a start-up company to the global leader in excimer laser technology. 

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