Coherent Labs Hosts Medical Device Day In Shanghai 

June 23, 2021 by Coherent

On May 27 2021, Coherent Labs hosted more than three dozen visitors from the medical device manufacturing industry for a Medical Day reception to experience the latest in laser cutting, welding, and marking technology. 

A festive event with champagne toasts and personalized laser-marked gifts, Medical Day also included live demos, hands-on sample evaluations, and lots of exciting presentations and Q&A sessions with Coherent experts locally and around the world. 

Our product demonstrations included metal part marking with the Coherent EasyMark and PowerLine E solutions, inside marking using an ultra-short pulse laser, precision tube cutting employing the StarCut Tube system, and welding of delicate and heat-sensitive devices using the Select Manual welding system. 

A little more about Coherent Labs in China

The Coherent Labs in Shanghai is a 400 m² facility, equipped with about 25 different advanced laser-based materials processing stations that service demanding applications in medical device manufacturing, microelectronics fabrication, and automotive production. The Shanghai Lab includes manual and robotic welding, marking, and cutting systems based on CO2, fiber, and ultra-short pulse lasers.

In the hands of our knowledgeable applications professionals, the Shanghai Lab is a resource that can process customer-supplied samples, as well as aid customers in process development and process recipe refinement. 

Both Coherent Labs, in Shanghai and Shenzhen, are fully operational and are currently welcoming visitors for scheduled visits while adhering to regional Covid safety protocols.

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