Introducing the New Rapid LX Picosecond Laser

April 29, 2021 by Coherent
Rapid LX

Introducing the new Rapid LX — a true industrial picosecond laser platform for 24/7 production

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the new Rapid LX, a true industrial picosecond laser platform designed for 24/7 production environments of the display, microelectronics, advanced marking, and brittle material processing industries.

The most powerful picosecond laser. Period.

The Rapid LX is the most powerful picosecond laser in its product segment, featuring single pulse energies of up to 250 µJ. It adds high-end features such as PulseEQ™ only available in the HyperRapid NXT product range. And the Rapid LX is available as IR and UV model.

The proven design of the Rapid LX provides excellent beam quality and stability over the complete range of repetition rates from single shot to 5 MHz. PulseEQ enables maximum flexibility in process development and helps to vastly increase throughput and process quality for complex industrial applications.

Completely redesigned, the Rapid LX leverages proven concepts such as our proprietary PermAlign™ technology, which guarantees optimal alignment and solder-bonding of the optics. Every Rapid LX undergoes rigorous HASS and HALT testing procedures during its development, unlike competitors who test samples, not every production unit. The result is the best optical performance and stability as well as hands- and maintenance-free operation over thousands of hours.

The small footprint, one-box design, and well-defined output beam alignment ensure effortless integration. And it’s all backed by our worldwide service and support to match your most demanding uptime and cost-of-ownership requirements.

To learn more about the all-new Rapid LX, please visit: Rapid LX

Rapid LX and HyperRapid NXT

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