100GHz DWDM 40 CH MUX/DEMUX Modules

Build metro access systems that are lower in cost, easier to provision, and simpler to operate using MUX/DEMUX modules to handle forty DWDM wavelengths at 100 GHz spacing.

Our MUX/DEMUX modules are configured for high-density DWDM used in metro access. They map the two added/dropped channels of forty wavelengths with 100GHz channel spacing into two-fiber paths, going in opposite directions into a ring network.

40 CH MUX/DEMUX Modules

Add WDM capability to both existing and new networks using the simple pluggable interface. Packaged in a 19” rack mount chassis for simple installation and modularity.

Key Features

  • MUX/DEMUX forty wavelengths

  • Low optical insertion loss

  • Dual LC connectors for simple interface

  • Reliable passive WDM technology

  • Scalable for ring networks

  • 1RU 19” rack mount chassis

  • RoHS Compliant