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The Coherent 100G ZR QSFP28 Digital Coherent Optics (DCO) transceiver are the first coherent transceivers available in a standard QSFP28 form factor, with a power dissipation that is less than half that of competing solutions, allowing the module to be deployed on virtually any switch or router with 100G ports. This means network operators will now be able to deploy 100G DWDM interfaces without having to invest in expensive transport equipment or higher cost switches or routers with QSFP-DD ports. Built around the Coherent Steelerton DSP, the 100G ZR QSFP28-DCO transceiver is fully compliant to the IEEE 802.3™-2022 100GBASE-ZR standard, ensuring interoperability with other solutions. The Steelerton DSP is the first purpose-built DSP for 100G ZR applications, optimized for the lowest power dissipation and smallest size. In the QSFP28 module the DSP is paired with a highly efficient silicon photonics optical front-end and a power-optimized tunable laser, resulting in a typical module power dissipation of less than 5W. To facilitate deployment in a wide variety of edge network locations, including street cabinets or pole mount enclosures, the 100G ZR QSFP28-DCO module will also be offered in a version that supports industrial temperature ranges. To simplify network installation and operation, the module offers value-add software features like: • Flextune™ automatic wavelength configuration, where the transceiver autonomously searches for the right wavelength that allows end-to-end connectivity across the DWDM network, enabling zero-touch provisioning with significant OpEx savings (faster installation, minimizing risk for technician error, …). • Remote digital diagnostics, where a transceiver in a central office location can access the digital diagnostics of the transceiver at the remote end of the link and feed that information back to the network management system, without the need for a separate supervisory channel to the remote location.

Parameter FTLC3351R3PL4
Operating Distance 120 km
Data Rate 100 Gb/s
Data Transfer Rate 100G
Protocol Ethernet
Connector LC
Media Type DWDM
Form Factor QFSP28-DCO ZR
Low End Case Temperature (ºC) -40 °C
Voltage Supply (V) 3.3 V
Diagnostics digital
High End Case Temperature (ºC) 85 °C
Wavelength (by band type) C-band DWDM Tunable
Transmitter Tunable DP-DQPSK
Receiver coherent