WaveMakers® – Programmable Spectrum Synthesizers

Generate arbitrary C-band spectral shapes with FWHM widths as narrow as 10GHz and with slopes to 600 dB/nm, with a range of programming options.

The WaveMaker® 4000A is a programmable spectrum synthesizer which allows generation of arbitrary spectral shapes in the C-band. The unit also supports the addition of signals from external sources, such as modulated channels.


Ideal for testing environments, the WaveMaker® 4000A includes a WaveShaper engine and a host of programming options, including API, GUI or a spectrum definition file. Users can add signals such as modulated channels, and the unit provides a total output power to 14 dBm.

Key Features:
  • Generation of Arbitrary Spectra
  • Integrated ASE Source
  • Internal WaveShaper programmable filter
  • Total output power up to 14 dBm
  • Detachable panel supports cleaning of internal connectors

Featured Press Release


Coherent Corp. (NYSE: COHR), a leading provider of test and measurement instruments for optical communications, today announced the introduction of its first instrument from the WaveMaker® instrument series operating in the C-band and two new instruments from the WaveShaper instrument series operating in the Super L-band.