WaveShapers – OEM Programmable Optical Filters

Get our WaveShaper high-performance programmable optical filtering and switching solutions packaged for embedding into third-party equipment and instrumentation.

Most of our WaveShaper products are available in this streamlined M-Series format for OEMs. Use them to control center wavelength, bandwidth, shape, dispersion, and attenuation. Use them in communications, pulsed (medical, industrial) lasers, and optical sensors.

WaveShapers – M-Series for OEMs

Get most of our wide selection of WaveShaper programmable filters in this streamlined OEM package. See the WaveShaper page to view details of the entire product line.

Key Features

  • Based on high-performance LCoS technology with no moving parts

  • Arbitrary Attenuation Shape

  • 35 dB Attenuation Control

  • Widely variable filter bandwidth

  • Integrated Webserver allows platform-independent control