Single Side Isolators

Block back reflections efficiently and completely using our compact optical isolators configured with both fibers ported from the same end of the device.

Our isolators are available for either C- or L-Band applications where they provide 18 dB of isolation. They feature all glass assembly technology and optical path epoxy-free design. This reduces the cost and package size and results in an insertion loss of only 0.7 dB.

Single Side Isolators

Choose the standard format measuring Ф 2.3xL13 mm or the mini-sized model measuring only Ф1.8xL13 mm. Use with EDFAs, fiber lasers, CATV systems, and lab instruments.

Key Features

  • 2 ports fiber on one side

  • Epoxy-free in optical path

  • RoHS compliant 

  • Operating temp -5 to +75°C

  • 125/250 µm fiber or 80/165 µm fiber