Receptacle Isolators

Specify our versatile isolators in custom receptacles for use in optical transmitters or tunable lasers in the O-, C-, and L-bands or other near-infrared wavelengths.

These isolators are remarkably robust, delivering >20 dB of isolation across the entire -40 to +85°C temperature range and over a 40 nm spectral bandwidth. They can be configured for any center wavelength in the datacom/telecom window, i.e., 1270 – 1610 nm.

Receptacle Isolators

Eliminate your risks with these custom-packaged isolators, thanks to our proprietary bonding process, combined with 20 years of volume manufacturing.

Key Features

  • High Isolation

  • Low Insertion Loss

  • High Reliability

  • Optimized for different wavelengths 

  • Wide operating temperature range