ETOF (Etalon-based Tunable Optical Filters)

Perform pre-transmission and post-transmission ASE filtering and spectral shaping with our narrow passband filter, tunable over a 5 THz range in the C- or L-band.

Our narrowband ETOFs provide high extinction in an economical and compact package ideal for DWDM applications. They are based on clever use of the optical Vernier effect which uses two high-finesse etalons with slightly offset free spectral ranges.

ETOF – Etalon-Based Tunable Optical Filters

Use these filters for ASE suppression and spectral shaping. Their compact packaging enables easy integration into subsystems and transceivers.

  • Wideband

  • No moving part

  • Small size

  • C-Band and L-Band options available

  • Low cost