MTOF – Tunable Optical Filters

Use the MTOF, the smaller Mini-MTOF, or the even smaller Ultra Mini-MTOF as tunable components to perform signal filtering and ASE clean-up in both the C- and L-bands.

Our MTOFs combine miniature optics and MEMS actuation to deliver wide tuning. Featuring simple and fast control, our MTOFs are ideal for integration into subsystems/transceivers; the economical Ultra Mini-MTOF is ideal for integration in coherent-signal transceivers.

MTOF – Tunable Optical Filters

Use these filters for ASE suppression, spectral shaping, channel tracking, and gain flattening. The Mini-MTOF also includes an integrated VOA for fine power adjustment.

  • Wideband (>5 THz) tuning 

  • Continuously tunable

  • Simple control 

  • Low insertion loss

  • Compact size for easy integration 

  • C-Band and L-Band options available

  • Low cost