High-Speed Photodetectors and Receivers

Choose from 100+ model options with speeds from 18 GHz to 100 GHz designed for O-, C-, or dual-band operation and advantages such as high gain or high linearity.

Whether your application is long-haul, DWDM, microwave photonics, high-speed (up to 100 GHz) lightwave characterization, or lab equipment for testing & measurement up to 1 Tb/s, get the ideal photodetector for your needs from an industry leader with decades of experience.

High-Speed Photodetectors – Product Line Overview

Specify your options. Connectors include FC/PC (standard) as well as FC/PAC, Custom V® and custom options. Choose between single- or dual-band operation for some models.

Model Numbers

Product Type

Key Features

Key Specifications

Operating Band

Typical Applications

Photo Photodetectors (PIN)


100 GHz Balanced Photodetector

Two 100 GHz photodiodes on a single chip

Linear frequency response

Bandwidth >100 GHz

Integrated bias


  • Coherent Test & Measurement  
  • Next-generation DWDM 
  • Transmission Systems >1 Tb/s


100 GHz High Speed Photodetector

Every unit characterized in both frequency and time domains

100 GHz typical electrical 3 dB bandwidth


  • Communications systems up to 110 GHz
  • Microwave photonics up to 80 GHz
  • Test & Measurement


70 GHz Balanced C or Dual-Band Photodetector

Balanced C and/or dual-band operation

Two photodiodes on a single chip

70 GHz typical bandwidth

Integrated bias

C or dual (O and C) versions

  • Transmission systems up to ≤ 128 GBd 
  • Coherent test & measurement
  • Microwave photonics


70 GHz High Speed Photodetector

Single 70 GHz photodiode

70 GHz bandwidth with flat response 

Integrated bias

C or dual (O and C) versions

  • Communications up to ≥100 Gb/s
  • Microwave photonics ≤60 GHz


50 GHz High Speed Photodetector

Optimized frequency response in both amplitude and phase

50 GHz typical bandwidth with flat response 

Integrated bias

C or dual (C and O) versions

  • Microwave photonics
  • Analog photonic links 
  • Radio-over-fiber


50 GHz High-Power Photodetector

High power handling 

MMI coupler divides signal across 4 photodiodes

High linearity: OIP3 > 20 dBm @ 40 GHz


  • Microwave photonics 
  • Analog photonic links
  • Radio-over-fiber


43 GHz Balanced Photodetector

Two waveguide-integrated photodiodes on a single chip

>40 GHz bandwidth at 3dB   

PDL <0.5 dB


  • Optical communications
  • Advanced component R&D


20 GHz Ultra-High-Power Photodetector

Linear response 

Based on a modified uni-traveling carrier (MUTC) photodetector chip

Responsivity >0.55 A/W 

OIP3 >30 dBm @ 10 GHz


  • Microwave photonics
  • Analog photonic links 
  • Radio-over-fiber

Photo Photoreceivers (PIN+TIA)


18 GHz High Gain Limiting Photoreceiver

Contains a waveguide-integrated PIN-photodiode and auto-adjusting TIA

Typical gain: 900 V/W

AC coupled output

O and C

  • 25 Gbps communications 
  • Transponders and line cards
  • Laboratory test equipment


30 GHz High Speed Photoreceiver

Integrated TIA supporting both manual and automatic gain control

Adjustable gain from 25 to 1800 V/W 

Supports AC output

O and C

  • 56 GBaud PAM4 systems
  • Transponders and line cards 
  • Laboratory test equipment