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CoherentAstrella Ultrafast Ti:Sapphire Amplifier

Ultrafast Amplifiers

Coherent’s ultrafast amplifier portfolio is the most extensive available offering amplified pulse energies from 4 µJ to 13 mJ and repetition-rates from 1 kHz to 500 kHz.

Coherent has a long and successful history of providing reliable, high-performance, ultrafast laser oscillators and amplifiers offering the widest range of ultrafast products available. Coherent can supply every component in your ultrafast laser system pump lasers, oscillators, amplifiers, tunable OPAs and accessories.

  • Astrella - Next-generation, kHz amplifier combining leading-edge performance and industrialized durability
  • Legend Elite - High power, kHz,Ti:Sapphire amplifiers with integrated pump laser
  • Libra - One-Box Ti:Sapphire amplifier
  • Revolution - High power, kHz, pulsed green lasers
  • Monaco - High power, MHz amplifier with fiber-based MOPA architecture

Did You Know?

Coherent and the Optical Society of America (OSA) have partnered to create a $25,500 merit-based prize in the name of Bernard J. Couillaud for an early-career professional to pursue a compelling and innovative project with regard to the science and applications of ultrafast lasers.

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The Industrial Revolution in Ultrafast Science

Recognizing that productivity and cost of ownership are crucial for scientific laser users, Coherent has developed a new approach to designing and building the latest generations of ultrafast lasers that is unrivalled by competitors. Coherent’s Industrial Revolution in Ultrafast Science leverages a leading industrial laser manufacturing expertise, an un-matched capacity for vertical integration, and advanced, environmental stress testing protocols unique to the industry. The results – ultrafast lasers that offer cutting edge performance and industrial-grade reliability, up-time and productivity. Using this approach, Coherent rigorously tests every laser during the design and production phases to weed out design and manufacturing weaknesses, resulting in a new level of reliability for ultrafast lasers. For the design phase, Coherent uses an industrial-grade HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) protocol in which the system under development is subjected to both temperature and vibration cycles in order to expose the weakest links and facilitate their elimination. A less severe stress protocol, HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening), is used during manufacturing to weed out any production weaknesses and ensure consistent quality of each laser shipped to our customers.

For scientific customers, this revolution in reliability translates into higher data throughput with minimized downtime - lower cost per data point. It delivers a massive reduction in the hidden costs of owning and operating the laser and maximizes experimental productivity.All of Coherent Titanium:Sapphire ultrafast amplifiers are based on reliable regenerative amplification to produce stable, high quality pulses in a variety of pulse durations, repetition rates, energies and wavelengths.

Coherent’s mJ-class, kHz amplifiers include Astrella, Legend Elite HE+ and Libra.

Astrella is designed and manufactured to be at the forefront of an industrial revolution in ultrafast science. Coherent’s expertise as the proven leader in developing and consistently improving high power amplifier systems is leveraged together with advanced, stress-testing techniques developed for the production of our commercial lasers used in demanding industrial applications. This is backed up by affordable warranty packages providing up to five years of coverage. All this enables higher customer productivity and contributes to an overall lower cost of data.

Legend Elite HE+ is offered in different pulse durations from as low as 25 fs to the picosecond regime, and a broad range of energies per pulse. Configurable between 1 and 10 kHz and designed for water, TEC or cryogenic cooling depending on the average power level, Legend Elite HE+ offers ultimate performance for sophisticated experiments like attosecond physics, multi-dimensional spectroscopy and TeraHertz generation in air-plasma.

The integrated design of Libra, extending from the seed laser with its pump down to the optional harmonic units, provides unparalleled simplicity of operation in several different available configurations. Libra is a cost-effective workhorse for multi-user facilities, material processing or femtosecond pump and probe spectroscopy.

If even higher energies are required, the Hidra family of amplifiers produce energy per pulse up to 100 mJ using a multipass stage following a regenerative amplifier. Hybrid kHz/10 Hz configurations add to Hidra flexibility.

Users who want to acquire data in the fastest possible way and still require amplified pulses, chose RegA to power their experiments at repetition rates up to 500kHz with pulses that can be easily converted with Coherent OPAs to cover the visible through mid-IR range.

A broad range of accessories (harmonic and parametric amplifiers, pulse selectors and CEP stabilization units) extends the performance of these systems or upgrades systems already in the field to provide users with tools that are always ready to propel the most advanced research applications.