Femtosecond Lasers

Ultrashort pulse lasers for materials processing, microelectonics production, and scientific applications

The Coherent family of femtosecond lasers serves the industrial and scientific markets. For industry, femtosecond lasers are suitable for ultra-fine processing of materials with little or no heat affected zone (HAZ). Target materials for these lasers include glass, OLED, IC packages/wafers, and flexible thin films. In science, these lasers address the requirements of optogenetics, multi-photon microscopy, and spectroscopy.

  • NEW: Axon Lasers: Compact and cost-effective discrete wavelength femtosecond lasers.
  • Monaco Industrial Lasers: The Monaco ultrashort pulse laser comes in IR, Green, and UV and features up to 80 µJ/pulse at 60 W in < 300 fs to enable current and future throughput requirements in the materials processing and microelectronics space.
  • Monaco HE: This ultrafast amplifier is used primarily to address the requirements of time-resolved spectroscopy and materials processing.
  • Rapid FX: This laser features >10 W average power at 100 kHz to enable high throughput micromachining.

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