Pulse Compression Filter
Pulse Compression Filter

PicoPulse™ Pulse Stretcher/Compressor Filters

Coherent’s PicoPulse™ pulse stretcher/compressor filters enable high peak power in femtosecond pulsed laser systems, with a distortion-free round output beam. Free space operation in PicoPulse filters allows larger input beams to be used with many orders of magnitude higher power than chirped Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs).

Coherent’s proprietary packaging is designed to minimize the spatial chirp commonly found in chirped volume holographic gratings (CVHGs). This robust, compact format is less complex than equivalent dispersive diffraction grating pairs, which require multiple components with precise alignment adjustment. The output is stable over a wide range of temperatures, with nearly diffraction-limited beam quality.

Filters for Pulse Stretching and Compression

Parameter Value
Center Wavelength Range Standard: 1029-1064, 400 nm to 2000+ nm available
Dispersion Rate Standard: 50 ps/nm, 10-100 ps/nm available
Spectral Bandwidth Typical: 1-10 nm, others available
Diffraction Efficiency >90% in free space

PicoPulse™ Specifications

Features & Benefits

  • Use as a stretcher or compressor by flipping the input facet 180°
  • Compact and easy to align
  • Low scatter and loss
  • Environmentally stable at high temperature and humidity
  • No degradation over time, even under high power illumination conditions
  • Free space diffraction efficiency >90%
  • Low spatial chirp
  • No stitching errors
  • Highly repeatable performance
  • Near diffraction-limited beam quality

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