Paladin Advanced 532
Paladin Advanced 532

Paladin Advanced 532

Modelocked high-power, green laser, 20 W at 532 nm. Ideal for pumping OPOs.

Mode Locked Laser

Paladin Advanced 532 is ideal for the pumping of OPOs, enabling wide tuning-ranges and high-average powers of the OPO output. The 20W laser only requires one power supply and one pump module.

Paladin Advanced 532
Power (W) Repetition Rate
80 MHz
20 Paladin Advanced 532-20000



• Scientific
• CARS/SRS Microscopy
• 3D Contour Mapping

Features & Benefits

The Paladin Advanced 532-20000 is perfectly suited to pump OPOs, generating an output with wide-tuning and high-average powers.

It’s operated completely hands free via the controls on the power supply, via RS-232 or a customer GUI. It is fully CDRH compliant and can be operated as a standalone laser providing a laser safety shutter and an interlock.

The Paladin Advanced 532-20000 brings industrial performance and reliability into scientific applications.

Paladin Advanced 532 not only gives access to higher power, but also offers a significant reduction in cost-of-ownership, with no compromise in performance, longevity and reliability.

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