Paladin Advanced 355
Paladin Advanced 355

Paladin Advanced 355

Quasi-CW modelocked UV lasers, ranging from 8 W to 24 W.

Quasi-CW UV lasers of high power: 8W, 10W, 16W and 24 W. Especially the 16 W and 24 W versions give access to applications and process speeds which were impossible in the past.

Modelocked UV Laser

Paladin Advanced 355
Power (W) Repetition Rate
80 MHz
8 Paladin Advanced 355-8000
10 Paladin Advanced 355-10000
16 Paladin Advanced 355-16000
24 Paladin Advanced 355-24000



• Materials Processing
• Microelectronics
• Doping
• Inspection
• Laser Direct Imaging (LDI)
• Thin Film Scribing
• Semiconductor
• Solar Cell/Panel
• wafer
• Mask
• PC Board
• Memory
• Photopolymer

Features & Benefits

Paladin Advanced 355 is the flagship of the Paladin family. It comes in power classes: 8 W, 10 W, 16 W and 24 W.

Paladin Advanced represents the next generation of the previous industrial standard, Paladin 8 W, and not only gives access to higher powers, but also offers a significant reduction in cost-of-ownership, with no compromise in performance, longevity and reliability.

A more efficient pumping scheme results in a reduced need for pump diodes. The 8 W and 10 W models only require one power supply and no extra amplifier. The dollar per Watt ratio is significantly improved, while optical output specifications are unchanged.

The high power versions of the Paladin Advanced laser family give access to process speeds in existing applications and enable new applications which were non-economic or technically impossible in the past.

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