Coherent Libra Ti:Sapphire Amplifier System
Coherent Libra Ti:Sapphire Amplifier System

Libra Series

The industry-leading, one-box Ti:Sapphire-based amplifier with integrated oscillator and pump lasers.

Libra is configured in a ruggedized, ultra-stable, compact platform and features high performance comparable to advanced multi-box systems. The compelling customer-value advantage and market success of Libra are enabled by key design innovations throughout and the Libra concept has proven itself in a wide range of scientific applications and demanding industrial settings.

One-Box, Ultra-Stable, kHz Repetition-Rate, Ti:Sapphire Amplifier System

This amplifier is available with a choice of pulse energy, pulse duration and repetition-rates. The basic Libra offers >1 mJ at 1 kHz while the Libra-HE guarantees >4.0 mJ, and the Libra-HE+ is specified at >5.0 mJ. The Libra and Libra-HE are available in 1, 5 and 10 kHz configurations with pulse durations of <50 fs or <100 fs. The Libra-HE+ is offered at 1 kHz with pulse duration options of <40 fs or <100 fs.

The Libra family employs the E-2 Engine regenerative amplifier design concept also used in all Legend Elite amplifiers. This provides increased energy and efficiency while maintaining beam quality, stability and reliability. It includes a unique, Ti:Sapphire rod geometry which enables simple, water-only cooling on all Libra models.

  • Integrated Vitara seed laser, Evolution pump laser, regenerative amplifier andcompact stretcher/compressor for ultimate stability and reliability
  • E-2 Engine, high performance and high reliability regenerative amplifier module, provides highest energy and efficiency with M2 <1.3
  • Thermally-stabilized amplifier platform for reliable long-term performance
  • Innovative Ti:Sapphire rod assembly for improved beam quality and thermal management
  • Proprietary conditioning optics for optimized output beam quality
  • <40 fs, <50 fs or <100 fs and 1, 5 or 10 kHz models
  • Stability <0.5% rms



• Biology
• Photochemistry
• Solid State Research

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