Black Marking, Glass Cutting, MicromachiningIndustrial Picosecond laser, HyperRapid NXT
Industrial Picosecond laser, HyperRapid NXT

HyperRapid NX and NXT Series

This industrial picosecond laser series is designed and manufactured for 24/7 operation in a variety of environmental conditions. High average power operation at >100 W across a wide range of repetition rates up to 4 MHz, allows for high throughput micro-machining with the highest quality and no heat affected zone. The HyperRapid NXT model enables micromachining applications, cutting LCP, FCP and OLED films and foils, drilling FPCB, and ablation and SmartCleave-based cutting of brittle materials.

The New Generation of High Power Industrial Picosecond Laser

With more than 10 years of experience in design and manufacturing of world-class industrial picosecond lasers, the HyperRapid NX and NXT builds on a solid foundation, improving uptime, performance, and reliability of the original design.

  • HyperRapid NX is the next generation high-power industrial picosecond platform in the extensive industrial short pulse lasers portfolio. HyperRapid NX delivers up to 250 µJ pulse energy with typically 10 ps duration at repetition rates up to 1 MHz.
  • Output powers are up to 100 W in the IR, 50 W in the visible and 30 W in the UV. These performances allow to simultaneously feed 2 workstations within one machine, further reducing the TCO for a production process in micromachining applications.
  • HyperRapid NX enables the most advanced applications with state-of-the-art pulse control and synchronization features. Pulses can be triggered on-demand with low jitter (<25 ns) and trigger-to-pulse delay. The fast process shutter allows both on/off control and energy attenuation for each individual pulse.
  • Burst mode can be selected to determine how many 10 ps-pulses with 25 ns separation should be released in an envelope. These bursts enhance the ablation rate in many materials and increase the process efficiency.
  • The HyperRapid NX laser head is a self-contained system where all optical elements, control electronics, and thermo-mechanical management are integrated. It complies with state-of-the-art safety regulation and it is complemented by a selection of off-the-shelf chillers and power supplies to offer the greatest flexibility.



• Ceramic Processing
• Glass Cutting & Drilling
• Materials Processing, Microelectronics
• Semiconductor Manufacturing
• Display
• Cutting
• Drilling

Features & Benefits

  • 1064 nm, 532 nm or 355 nm
  • High power and burst mode for high throughput at significantly reduced TCO
  • High energy at high repetition rates up to 1 MHz
  • Time and amplitude control of each individual pulse phase
  • Extended lifetime performance, even in the UV
  • Compact and cost-effective
  • Machinery-directive compliant Performance Level e

Typical Performance Charts for power and energy

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