high power laser, surface treatment, high power lasers, HighLight-FL
high power laser, surface treatment, high power lasers, HighLight-FL

HighLight FL-Series

Industrial High-Power Fiber Lasers

The HighLightTM FL series of industrial, multi-kilowatt fiber lasers provides a cost-effective solution for many common welding tasks. These lasers feature Coherent’s unique multi-stage back reflection immunity system which enhances reliability and lifetime, and enables safe processing of highly reflective materials, including brass, copper, and aluminum.

Improve fiber laser weld quality and yield with CleanWeld

Coherent CleanWeld is our unique combination of fiber laser innovations, beam delivery, and process knowledge, which improves part quality, increases throughput, and lowers process costs. Weld zero-gap galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum with up to 80% less spatter, lower porosity, and no cracking.

High-Power Multi-Mode Fiber Lasers with Beam Management

To maximize operational flexibility, HighLight FL products are equipped with either a Fiber-Fiber-Switch (FFS) or Fiber-Fiber-Coupler (FFC). The FFS enables rapid switching of laser output between up to four separate process fibers, thus allowing time or energy sharing amongst four workstations with a single laser. The FFC allows easy exchange of process fibers on site.

Compact High-Power Single- or Multi-Mode Fiber Lasers

Single-mode Compact lasers offer output powers from 1 to 2.5 kW. The combination of small focus spot size and high-power density makes the single-mode lasers particularly well-suited for applications where high beam quality is needed. These include remote welding and other scanner-based configurations, welding using beam wobble, high-speed cutting of thin sheet metal, or conductive welding of dissimilar materials. Multi-mode Compact lasers are available with output powers from 1 to 10 kW and a wide range of processing fibers to satisfy a variety of requirements.

Features & Benefits

• Output power: 1,000 - 10,000 Watts
• Excellent stability over the entire power range (1% to 100%)
• Inherently back reflection safe
• Industry-leading closed loop power control for high process consistency
• Optimized power profile programming tool for welding processes
• CleanWeldTM technology to optimize welding results


• Welding
• Cutting
• Surface treatment