The Industrial Revolution in Ultrafast Science
The Industrial Revolution in Ultrafast Science

Coherent: the original pioneers of the

Industrial Revolution in Ultrafast Science

More Uptime. More Results.

What it is: Industrial laser users in 24/7 applications don’t waste time adjusting lasers or waiting for service and neither should you! That’s the idea behind our Industrial Revolution in Ultrafast Science: Industrial Productivity levels for your research applications.

Bringing industrial productivity levels to your research means…

  • Less Downtime
  • Better Data
  • Faster Publication

How We’ve Done It

Coherent uses a unique combination of three core strengths to design, build, and deliver lasers with scientific high-end performance and industrial reliability.

Industrial Expertise
Coherent is a leader in lasers for industrial applications, from cleanroom semiconductor manufacturing to “dirty” oil and gas exploration. Today we apply decades of industrial laser expertise to cutting-edge scientific lasers.

Vertical Integration
Coherent is the world’s most vertically integrated laser company. We make all critical active and passive components in-house: from complex negative dispersion mirrors to our own laser diode wafers. We use only materials that we have qualified in our own laboratories. The result is complete and total control over components quality.

HALT/HASS program
Coherent pioneered the use of rigorous HALT/HASS practices in the laser industry. Originally developed for the NASA space program, numerous industries use this proven screening and testing approach to product reliability.

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Learn more about Coherent Ultrafast Lasers

Use the links below to learn more about our family of industrial-grade, Ultrafast Scientific Lasers.

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Join the Industrial Revolution in Ultrafast Science Watch the video to learn more about how Coherent scientific ultrafast lasers are designed and built for industrial-grade reliability.

Features & Benefits

​HALT: Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing to Detect and Rectify Failure Modes

  • HALT testing reveals failure modes during product design phase.
  • HALT testing exceeds normal operating levels, including simultaneous fast temperature changes and 5-axis
  • randomized vibration.
  • HALT testing enables faster correction and improved design margins resulting in increased lifetime and reliability.

HASS: Highly Accelerated Stress Screening to Minimize Operational Failure

  • HASS testing reveals defects during product manufacturing.
  • HASS testing is more rigorous than normal operating conditions but well below HALT conditions.
  • HASS testing is most effective when included in the standard pro duction process

The History of HALT/HASS

In the 1970’s, HALT/HASS testing was originally applied to space-related projects including opto-mechanical and electrical systems. It’s now widely used in aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer industries. Coherent uses an in-house HALT/HASS to test our industrial lasers as well as to design and build scientific lasers such as Vitara, Astrella, Revolution, and Chameleon.