New Coherent LabMax Touch Pro Puts Comprehensive Laser Measurement at Your Fingertips

Our modern take on the power meter delivers high sample rate, best-in-class analytics, and an industrial design featuring one of the largest touchscreens in its class.

June 27, 2022 by Coherent


The new Coherent LabMax Touch Pro builds on our long history of delivering accurate power meters that can withstand the harsh conditions of a factory floor as well as the lab. A full-featured laser power and energy measurement instrument system that makes extensive data acquisition and analysis capabilities easy to access through an intuitive, touchscreen interface. For example, measurement data and analytics – including live display, statistics, trending, tuning, histogram, and beam position information – are all reached with just a gesture or two on the display.

LabMax Touch Pro provides full compatibility with the entire, comprehensive lineup of Coherent laser power and energy sensors. This includes thermopile, pyroelectric, and semiconductor sensors, plus our unique PowerMax Pro sensors. Plus it’s fast, with sampling rates as high as 25 kHz for pyroelectric detectors, and up to 1 MHz with our PowerMax Pro sensors (thus enabling pulse shape characterization of high-power lasers). The result is a single tool that delivers high accuracy, traceable measurements of everything from nanowatt CW lasers up to multi-kW, pulsed industrial lasers.

Specifically, with the appropriate sensor, LabMax Touch Pro can measure the following laser output parameters:

  • CW power
  • Average power of pulsed lasers
  • Pulse energy
  • Pulse shape
  • Repetition rate
  • Beam position

Coherent makes sense of laser measurement

LabMax Touch Pro also offers a full suite of onboard tools for analyzing data from both pulsed and CW lasers. These include:

  • Trending of pulse energy and average power for pulsed lasers, or power for CW lasers
  • Pulse energy histogram
  • Pulse energy statistics (minimum, maximum, mean, range, standard deviation, total energy dosage, stability)
  • Pulse analysis (pulse shape and width)

Plus, we haven’t forgotten to include a traditional, analog needle-style “tuning view.” It’s still the easiest way to adjust laser output or optical system alignment, and widely used and beloved by everyone from lab techs and scientists to field service engineers.


And, if you want to port your data into another system, LabMax Touch Pro meters offer three interface options – Ethernet, USB, and RS-232. When connected this way, LabMax Touch Pro can then be controlled by the host system using the Coherent Meter Connection (CMC) Windows® application, or directly through host commands. 

LabMax Touch Pro

LabMax Touch Pro makes it simple to complete the most demanding measurement applications in the lab, while also offering the small size, reliability, and ruggedness for operation in the field. Plus, it offers interfacing options that make sharing high-quality laser measurements easier than ever with personal computers and industrial control systems.

Order your Coherent LabMax Touch Pro today.