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Improve reliability and quality in precision welding applications with this machine vision system for RLSK and HIGHmotion 2D processing heads.

Integrating vision capabilities directly into Coherent remote welding heads offers users a single source solution that delivers better results and is easier to bring on-line. It's ideal for e-mobility welding tasks and automotive assembly processes.


A complete and precisely optimized welding solution from a single vendor.

Optical Mechanical Software
  • Power level of up to 8 kW CW
  • HIGHmotion 2D: magnifications of 1.5X, 2.25X, 3X, or 4X
  • HIGHmotion 2D: workspace up to 251 mm x 372 mm
  • RLSK: 3X magnification
  • RLSK: workspace up to 233 mm x 344 mm x 200 mm
  • Multiple illumination options
  • Provided as a single, integrated system with Coherent
  • HIGHmotion 2D or RLSK (3D) welding heads






  • Advanced machine vision algorithms deliver precise control, high accuracy, and rapid detection times
  • Can be specifically optimized for 3D fillet welding seam tracking, position matching for 2D welding, shape recognition, and hairpin welding