Freelance Opportunity: Copywriter

We're looking for a few good copywriters.

Coherent is digital-first marketing, and we run on content. And we're looking for a few more talented writers. Could this be you? 

This is a freelance position, and you will be part of a team of talented marketers in a global company driving some of the most extreme innovations imaginable. You are part of a team, and you need to know that culture is critical for us. 

What do we mean by that? We push ourselves hard, we disagree with each other, we ask tough questions, and we do all this with a sense of dignity and respect. It's okay to disagree, voice opposition, and challenge the status quo, but how we do it does matter. 

We expect a high level of productivity, and if something is getting in the way of GSD, call it out, and we'll fix it. We are a global team with team members in Europe, the US, and Asia. Time zones are something we work around, and English is our lingua franca. 

If you think you are the right person for our team, please complete the short form below. We will reach out to you promptly. 

The Requirements:

  • Proven ability to write about complex, technical ideas for a range of audiences, from the scientist to the technical engineer to the business manager to the CEO.
  • Exceptional storytelling skills, especially the ability to connect big trends (like AI) with particular products (for example, transceivers).
  • Experience writing marketing communications for global manufacturing enterprises, especially for audiences in the networking, life sciences, and scientific markets.
  • Portfolio of work across a range of marketing assets, including blogs, emails, webpages, and whitepapers.
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.
  • 10+ years of copywriting experience.

More About The Role:

  • We cover a range of markets, just look at our website to see this in action.
  • Copywriting at Coherent is working from a concept to a final draft, with access to subject matter experts at every level.
  • You will coordinate with stakeholders, and it is important to know that you must be a self-starter and organize this collaboration.
  • The menu of content is far-reaching, including email communications, blogs, success stories, webpages, whitepapers, technical briefings, and social media posts.
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