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II-VI Incorporated Unveils Node-on-a-Blade Platform with Ultrahigh-Resolution Telemetry for High-Mix Wavelength Services

II‐VI Incorporated (Nasdaq: IIVI), a leader in optical communications technology, today unveiled its node-on-a-blade platform, a scalable multi-degree reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) system. The system embeds ultrahigh-resolution telemetry that is critical for high-mix wavelength services, and compact wavelength selective switch (WSS) technology that is ideal for enterprise access networks.

The ongoing buildout of enterprise and cloud data centers is exponentially increasing the bandwidth requirements for optical networks and driving the demand for systems that are more efficient to deploy, operate, and scale. II-VI’s new node-on-a-blade provides such compelling benefits by utilizing the industry’s leading WSS technology, high-power pump lasers, and ultrahigh-resolution wavelength telemetry.

“Our broad portfolio of optical technologies for ROADM networks is the most complete, highly differentiated, and often the first on the market,” said Dr. Richard Smart, Senior Vice President, ROADM Business Unit. “This enables us to form close relationships with customers who are looking to deploy disruptive optical networking solutions.”

II-VI’s node-on-a-blade offers significant benefits:

  • More efficient to deploy: With the industry’s most compact WSS technology, the system saves cost by significantly reducing facility expenses.
  • More efficient to operate: The system seamlessly supports route-and-select nodes, which are highly desirable for their operational simplicity and flexible add-drop configurations.
  • More efficient to scale: With its ultrahigh-resolution embedded telemetry, the system can manage a high mix of wavelength services at different baud rates.