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Coherent Introduces Ultra-Wideband Telemetry Module for Embedded Performance Monitoring in C+L-Band Optical Transport Systems

February 16, 2023 Press Release

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Coherent Corp. (Nasdaq: COHR), a leader in optical communications technology, today announced the introduction of its ultra-wideband telemetry module, or optical channel monitor (UWB-OCM), specifically designed for next-generation C+L-band optical transport systems.

Optical communications networks are approaching the theoretical transmission capacity limit in optical fiber in the C-band. Network operators are therefore looking to expand transmission into the L-band, driving the demand for ultra-wideband products that can cover both the C- and L-bands. The new UWB-OCM from Coherent is based on a tunable filter that can sweep more than 12 THz, easily spanning the full C+L-band of next-generation reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer (ROADM) systems. The new UWB-OCM complements the ultrahigh-resolution optical channel monitor (UHR-OCM) introduced in September 2022.

“Equipment vendors and network operators are moving quickly to define C+L-band ROADM requirements, and we’ve been working closely with them to coordinate our product development roadmaps,” said Dr. Beck Mason, Executive Vice President, Telecommunications. “With both the ultra-wideband and ultrahigh-resolution optical channel monitors, Coherent has the most differentiated portfolio of such products on the market.”

The UWB-OCM achieves a very high accuracy thanks to its proprietary tunable filter that features a narrow linewidth of only a few gigahertz. This filter is based on a novel wafer-scale tunable etalon technology developed in-house that enables the UWB-OCM to achieve high performance cost-effectively. An optical switch is embedded in the UWB-OCM module, enabling it to cycle through up to four monitoring points in ROADM or amplifier nodes.

Coherent offers a complete portfolio of components, modules, and integrated solutions for ROADM and optical line subsystem (OLS) applications. These include wavelength selective switch (WSS) modules, optical amplifiers, optical monitoring modules, and passive optics.

Coherent will exhibit at OFC 2023 in San Diego, March 7-9, booth #3815, showcasing its new products and technology for next-generation optical communications networks and sensing.