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PITTSBURGH, March 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Coherent Corp. (NYSE: COHR), a leader in materials, networking, and lasers, announced today that it will be demonstrating its 800 Gbps coherent transceiver module in QSFP-DD form factor at OFC 2024 in San Diego, March 26-28. The module will be demonstrated in 800G ZR mode transmitting over 9000 ps/nm of dispersion, equivalent to approximately 450 km of fiber.

Following the success of 400G ZR/ZR+ digital coherent optics (DCO), customers are looking for an 800G version of DCO to upgrade their transmission speed to the next level. Hyperscale data centers are driving the demand of 400G/800G DCO for data center interconnect (DCI) applications, while service providers are starting to adopt the concept of IP-over-DWDM using DCO modules for metro and regional networks. QSFPDD and OSFP are the most popular and compact form factors used in DCI applications.

This new 800G transceiver uses Coherent’s 140 Gbaud IC-TROSA optical subassembly, which features a high-efficiency indium phosphide modulator and receiver combined with a proprietary embedded wavelength-tunable laser. The Coherent 800G QSFP-DD transceiver has several operating modes that enable it to deliver up to 1000 km of reach at 800 Gbps and up to 2000 km at 400 Gbps in well-designed networks.

“Building on the success of our 140 Gbaud IC-TROSA, demonstrated at ECOC 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland, Coherent is developing compact 800G coherent modules in both QSFP-DD and OSFP form factors,” said Dr. Beck Mason, Executive Vice President, Telecommunications. “These next-generation solutions not only enable higher capacity per port and lower network cost but can also significantly extend the transmission distance for 400G applications when compared to current-generation solutions. Coherent stands as a leader in the industry in bringing advanced coherent solutions to market in compact form factors.”

Alpha samples of the module are currently shipping to customers. Beta versions are planned for Q3 of 2024.